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Work as a Key Account Manager in Manchester

Key Account Managers in Manchester can choose from a variety of industries to work for making the selection wide and varied.

Why should you choose Manchester?

Should you choose to work in Manchester in this role, you could work for a whole selection of companies, ranging from businesses in the Pharmaceutical industry to food manufacturer, Warburtons. Manchester's vast and growing business scene makes it an ideal place for a Key Account Manager position as its influence over the UK and global markets means candidates have the opportunity to interact with and work for such a variety of business types. You will liaise with Head of Finance and Head of Communications.

Requirements for the role of Key Account Manager

Key account management normally requires several years of experience as a prerequisite for such a role, where you would be responsible for growing business by managing existing client relationships, building new working relationships and working with other departments to deliver and develop sales strategy in order to increase sales and expand client base.

Skills and qualities of a Key Account Manager

In terms of skills and characteristics, these roles require top organisational skills to manage accounts efficiently and prioritise tasks. Communication and soft skills are also vital in order to build customer relationships externally and maintain the existing client base as well as interact with whole Marketing teams. Having experience with a strong sales background is also beneficial, as is determination, enthusiasm and a friendly persona so that you can work between departments and coordinate departmental strategy internally to increase business.

Average earnings of a Key Account Manager

Key Account Manager's in Manchester can expect to earn between £37,000 and £40,000 per year, which is above the national average for these roles.

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