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Start your career as a Marketing Coordinator in Manchester

Marketing Coordinators in Manchester have a variety of companies to work for, from large Media businesses, to industrial giants, so there is definitely something for everyone in the colourful city.

The role of a Marketing Coordinator in a company

Marketing Coordinators assist in scheduling and carrying out marketing campaigns by thinking up and developing marketing strategies and publicity objectives. The roles vary greatly depending on the company and industry but many Marketing Coordinators now also control their brand or company's online presence and image, including running the social media channels and implementing event marketing. Marketing Coordinators play an important role throughout the entirety of the campaign so can also be involved in writing up and providing content at the start right through to the advertisement selection.

Skills needed to be a Marketing Coordinator

As a Marketing Coordinator you need to demonstrate a lot of creativity to consistently provide ideas for new campaigns and marketing initiatives, as well as showing creativity in identifying gaps in the market that can be used to benefit the brand. They also must need an excellent knowledge of current markets in order to predict future trends so they need great analytical and communication skills as they will need to interact with the Head of Marketing and external clients in a professional manner.

Qualities needed to succeed in this position

Marketing Coordinators can be under a lot of pressure with tight deadlines and large targets so they need to cope well under stress and competition. This role requires several years of experience and can be a great role to then progress into more senior positions, eventually leading to a promotion as the Head of Marketing.

Average earning of a Marketing Coordinator in Manchester

A Marketing Coordinator in Manchester can expect to earn on average £22,000 a year with the opportunity to progress into positions with more responsibility in the same sector.

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