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Being a Chef in Oxford

A wide variety of restaurants, cafes, hotels, fast food restaurants and the annual Cowley Road Festival are all located in Oxford. Due to such developed culinary scene, the role of a Chef is one of the most requested role in Oxford. Being a Chef is a great way to enjoy Oxford’s rich food culture and entertainment scene, which makes it an exciting place to live. Check out the open Chef vacancies in other top UK cities like Bristol, Manchester or Birmingham too.

The average earnings of a Chef

Due to the amount of knowledge and experience, the earnings of a Chef are usually high. You can even earn over £50,000 from managing the kitchen team and creating new delicious food.

The role of a Chef

Being a Chef means being the leader of the kitchen. One of the main responsibilities of a Chef is managing the staff, plus the cooking and the serving. Being a chef, you need to have a knowledge of all kitchen equipment and food processes. Previous experience is a must and not just in a cooking capacity, but also in managerial style. As a Chef, you will work with all the employees, even outside the kitchen to create the best reputation for your place of work.

The qualities of an excellent Chef

To succeed as a Chef, you must be extremely organised and be able to structure the meal preparation processes wisely and always check the quality of the food leaving the kitchen. You also need to have excellent communication skills due to dealing with a variety of staff members and also external clients, visitors of the restaurant. As part of Chef’s job is to develop menus and special dishes, you need to be creative.

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