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Working in York as a Chef

Why not move to the city with over 365 pubs, one for each day of the year! The culinary industry in York is a strong one. The city also hosts the UK’s largest food festival every September, so culinary sector jobs are in constant demand. Taking a Chef’s role in York will only put you at an advantage.

The qualities of an excellent Chef

A Chef needs to have certain soft skills to be able to manage all the kitchen staff, serving staff and external relations. As it is a leadership role, you must be a skilled leader who has solid communication skills in order to get the best out of your workers. Working well under pressure is vital in order to deliver the food on time and at a high standard which also means you must organise each process of the dish for it to arrive to the customer at its best.

The responsibilities of a Chef

Such a senior role means being responsible for all aspects of the kitchen, from the planning of the menu to managing the kitchen and serving staff, to finally preparing the dishes. You must have excellent cooking skills as that is the main part of your job. You should not only have previous experience in the kitchen but also in a managerial role as you will be supervising the whole kitchen team.

The average earnings of a Chef in York

Working as a Chef can offer a high salary due to having so many responsibilities on one's shoulders. Should you meet the criteria of having both culinary and managerial skills, in York you could be earning from around £25,000 with additional benefits, making York a desirable place to work. You should also check out Sheffield and Leeds if York is not for you.

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