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In the central lowlands of Scotland, 12 miles from Glasgow and 35 miles from Edinburgh, Hamilton is serves as an administration hub. It is the main administrative centre for the South Lanarkshire council area, so candidates in the public administration sector are in high demand. The city has a rich royal history, being home to Hamilton Palace, the largest non-royal residence in Western Europe. It is located on the M74, the southerly link, so getting to major cities both in Scotland and England are quick and easy. With Hamilton’s prominent royal and historical background, it has become a tourist hub, with the service industry becoming one of the leading industries in the town, along with the local government sector. There are also several new shopping developments so there is currently a big push for recruitment in retail.


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Hamilton - Salary

The average annual salary for Hamilton is £24,485, which is a little lower than the expected national salary average. This is because the majority of the jobs are based in public sector work, retail and service jobs. However, up north the cost of living is lower than in the south, so the salaries balance out. It is not far from many of the major financial and industrial cities, so you can still benefit from them, however in Hamilton you do not have to commit to pricey living and commutes. Hamilton has the perfect range between countryside and historical charm and links to bigger cities.

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Job postings in Hamilton

From January 2018 to December 2018, Hamilton underwent an extreme growth in job postings, with an average monthly increase of 48%. This is one of the highest in the UK. Hamilton is becoming a prominent name on the map and people are being encouraged to relocate and work there, evident through the total of 70,158 jobs posted. As a major hub for the local government administration for the entire county, administration and office manager roles are some of the most sought after roles that need to be filled. Also with the rapidly growing tourism industry, if you are looking to get into the service industry, Hamilton is the place to be.

Number of jobs posted in Hamilton

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