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Stunning Newcastle attracts thousands of people to move there to work due to its promising career growth. Newcastle’s health industry is one of the strongest in the country, job opportunities for doctors, nurses and health professionals are on the constant demand. Many famous companies such as Greggs Bakery hold their headquarters in Newcastle so the job market is extremely diverse and one can find a job tailored for them. The city is going through the transformation of its infrastructure to give you the best standards of living. Finding a job in service or entertainment industry will not be a chore as Newcastle is also famous for its night life. Also, the fast growing tourism sector allows you to switch your careers according to your demands.


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Newcastle - Salary

When working in Newcastle you will discover many new opportunities that you haven’t heard of before. You are expected to earn at average around £25,060, which is the average UK salary. Because of the city’s famous nightlife, professionals in the entertainment and service industries are always on demand. Which means that the city is also suitable for students, allowing them to work part-time at a national minimum wage or higher.

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Number of job postings in Newcastle

Newcastle is undergoing a massive rise in the number of job postings, evident from the 8% average monthly growth in number of job postings from January to December 2018. The city is a major hub for the booming industries with a total of 30,542 jobs posted in the last year. If you want to be in a city that is constantly evolving, then Newcastle is for you.

Number of jobs posted in Newcastle

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