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Insider’s Tips: How To Be a More Productive Employee

Do you ever feel motivation waning on the job? You’re not alone. UK productivity, the output for each hour worked, has been declining for the last ten years. Before you lose hope, consider the different ways you can improve those numbers and become a more efficient employee yourself. Here are the most effective ways to boost your own productivity in the workplace.

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Take breaks

Once you finish a task, it’s important to give yourself a small break. Whether it’s a walk to the water cooler or a brief conversation with a coworker, tiny mental breaks can help prevent burn-out and writer’s block. Plus, movement helps increase blood flow to the brain, boosting your energy levels, as well as mental capacity. Be sure that during these breaks, you’re refocusing your mind, not thinking about work-related stress. Read a book, try some meditation, talk to a friend, or surf the web, just do whatever helps you to de-stress, clear your head, and come back to work a little lighter.

Attend conferences and workshops

Expanding your knowledge about your industry can make you a much more informed and efficient worker. Whether high-level or job-specific, these events will connect you with the big thinkers in your field and develop your understanding of your own job, both of which should help to improve your job performance. You can either look up existing events or plan your own conference to make sure you’re getting the best blend of relevant speakers. Then, invite coworkers, like-minded friends, or those in your network to a post-conference gathering to discuss key findings and reap even more benefits from the event.

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Make a daily to-do list

Few things are as satisfying as finishing a task and crossing it off your to-do list. Make yourself a concrete representation, either through a Google calendar or a physical to-do list of the different tasks you should complete each day. Setting daily goals through an hour-by-hour schedule can not only keep your organised, but it should also give you the sense of mini-deadlines that keep you focused and efficient. It will also help you feel much more accomplished as you check off tasks throughout the day, helping you leave the office with a sense of fulfilment.

Get more sleep

Though it seems a small lifestyle change, getting more sleep can have a huge impact on your productivity. Studies have shown that a well-rested mind is better at multitasking and problem-solving, as well as being creative. If you’re like most adults, however, sleep isn’t a top priority in your daily schedule. Nevertheless, it’s important for both your workplace productivity and personal health to get between seven to nine hours of rest every night. If you need better rest at home, consider bedding updates like a more supportive pillow or a mattress so you can sleep through the night. Or, if you prefer daytime naps, try noise-cancelling headphones that you can use in your car or breakroom.

Befriend your coworkers

Contrary to popular belief, office conversations don’t have to just be awkward small talk. Creating positive relationships with your coworkers will make the job significantly more interesting and help keep you engaged with company goals. It should also create an atmosphere of collaboration and teamwork to boost office morale, as well as overall production. Consider planning a company-wide happy hour or team lunch to get everyone out of the work environment and become more acquainted.

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When it all boils down, productivity is rooted in your passion and interest in your work. If you’re willing to make a few changes in your lifestyle and put yourself outside your comfort zone, you can advance your work performance and ultimately boost your effectiveness as an employee.