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763 open vacancies for Marketing Analyst

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Job profile – Marketing Analyst

Marketing Analysts are responsible for analysing data to inform on marketing trends, which then gets used by Brand Managers and Head of Marketing to determine a marketing strategy for a particular product or company. The data analysed will include trends in specific markets, tracking consumer behaviour and opinion, and checking in on what your company’s competitors are doing. All of this data contributes to an overall picture of what the market looks like, with Marketing Analysts advising on the key opportunities for a company based on the data. Market Analysts usually specialise by sector, with large consulting companies being in high need for these roles, as they deal daily with different client requests and create reports for various products. However, the skills needed for this role are transferable across sectors, thus a wide variety of positions are available in cities across the UK.

Skills - Marketing Analyst

  • Writing
  • Reading Comprehension

Tasks - Marketing Analyst

  • Thinking Creatively
  • Analyzing Data or Information
  • Processing Information
  • Provide Consultation and Advice to Others
  • Communicating with Persons Outside Organization

Requirements for being a successful Marketing Analyst

The type of person employed as a Market Analyst usually likes working with information, and is prepared to work to meet deadlines or under pressure. Research analysis could be carried out in both written or numerical form, the latter obviously requiring strong numerical ability and normally some background in maths or statistics - both require strong analytical skills however and the ability to make use of sets of information and data to extract relevant information. Strong written and communication skills are normally also required, due to having to present findings and drafting reports. The ability to derive strategy recommendations from the data and present it in such a way that those without an analytical background can utilise it well is a key asset for someone in this role, as is a high degree of creativity and the ability to work both in teams and independently.

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Jobs at CV-Library Ltd as Marketing Analyst

Marketing Performance Analyst
CV-LibraryBexhill-On-Sea, East Sussex
published last monthFull-time
Market Analyst
CV-LibraryEastleigh, Hampshire
published last monthFull-time
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Jobs at Noir Consulting as Marketing Analyst

published 11 days agoFull-time40k-50k p/a
published 2 months agoFull-time30k-50k p/a
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Jobs at Salon Recruitment as Marketing Analyst

published 4 days agoFull-time150-200 p/h
published 23 days agoFull-time150-200 p/h
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Part-time jobs as Marketing Analyst

Part-time Marketing Analyst
CV-LibraryStevenage, Hertfordshire
published 6 days agoPart-time37k p/a
published 3 days agoPart-time35k p/a
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published 7 days agoFull-time75k-100k p/a
published 24 days agoFull-time22k-25k p/a
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