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Job profile – Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Managers are highly coveted careers in the Finance industry. Working in this role means interacting with lots of other financial employees. Ultimately, Portfolio Managers are responsible for making the final investment decision for private clients. These clients can vary hugely from individual and family investors, to huge multi-national corporations. Portfolio Managers are normally briefed by clients, who outline the objectives of their investments, they then compose a strategy and investment package and manage the risks and changes in the stock markets. Portfolio Managers - given their namesake - build up multiple clients and manage a number of investments at the same, therefore, building up their portfolio and reputation.

Requirements for being a successful Portfolio Manager

Portfolio managers must be able to work autonomously and think for themselves. A portfolio manager who only follows generally known trends will only be as good as everyone else. The secret of success is to recognize new ideas that can give you an investment advantage.

What work experience do you need as Portfolio Manager?

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G&HI - Programme and Portfolio Management - Manager
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