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British Farmers Need YOU!

This weekend came the moment we were waiting for since 27th October 2019….the clocks going forward. The smell of fresh grass cuttings, longer evenings and before we know it we’ll be able to enjoy the wonderful seasonal fruit and veg….in a jug of Pimms whilst taking in the rays of sunshine….

Ok. Covid-19 has put a damper on some of that, but more worryingly the knock on effect is farms being able to supply the seasonal fruit and veg (the perfect pimms is at stake!). They’re experiencing a huge shortage of labour at the moment, from pickers, packers to forklift drivers. A lot of these farms’ workforce were those who would fly in from all over Europe for seasonal work. Now with the world in lockdown….no chance!

They’re now looking for help to ensure they can provide vital seasonal fruit and veg to our tables over the coming months. In order to assist this key effort, we’ve teamed up with British Summer Fruits to try and encourage individuals to help this key industry. If you, or anyone you know would be interested in working with these farmers simply follow the link below!