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Sous Chef & Chef de Rang
Chef ResultsWindermere, Cumbria
Full-time10k-40k p/a
Chef de Partie
Chef ResultsWoodstock, Oxfordshire
Full-time18k-19k p/a
Relief Chef
Chef ResultsBuckingham, Buckinghamshire
Full-time10-15 p/h
Sous Chef (Permanent)
Top Chef Direct LimitedGU34, Chawton
2 weeks ago
Full-timePermanentLimited Experience28k-32k p/a
Discover 7,293 jobs for Chef

Job profile – Chef

The most senior role in the kitchen is that of a chef. You will be responsible for all food production, development of the new menu, supervision of the kitchen staff and most importantly creating new delicious meals. The responsibilities of a chef are to design and plan thoroughly an everyday menu, be responsible and monitor the preparation of the meals and check the quality of the food before it leaves the kitchen. Dealing with customer complaints and keeping up and maintaining the reputation of the kitchen is part of a chef’s role. A chef’s role is not only in the kitchen but also in the office; chefs often deal with budgets, expenses and the income of the restaurant. A Chef normally works their way up the ladder from a Cook to Sous Chef and then into a Head Chef position. You are required to have many years of experience in cooking and management in order to gain the skills needed to succeed in the position of a Chef. A Head Chef role is the highest position you can earn in the kitchen hence why the requirements for such a role are quite high.

Skills - Chef

  • Critical Thinking
  • Monitoring
  • Coordination
  • Speaking

Tasks - Chef

  • Organizing, Planning, and Prioritizing Work
  • Handling and Moving Objects
  • Coaching and Developing Others
  • Establishing and Maintaining Interpersonal Relationships
  • Thinking Creatively

Requirements for being a successful Chef

As a Head Chef is the highest position in the kitchen, it requires a lot of experience and expertise. To be able to be considered for such a role, you must be a good leader, highly organised, motivated and able to perform in a very busy environment to deliver the best product for the customers. This role will require a flexible manner of working due to unsteady working hours. It is also a creative role, as the Chef is in charge of the menu, therefore, you need to have a lot of experience and knowledge in the culinary world to ensure you provide new dishes. Prior to being hired, some employees require Head Chefs to have completed culinary education, but very often, they prioritise the ability to cook. It is essential that candidates have a health and safety certificate to be able to work and manage a kitchen. Furthermore, in order to gain a senior position, you are required to have many years of prior experience. Sous chef, cooks and serving staff all work under a chef, therefore, you must have excellent communication skills and be able to train the team accordingly. As it is such an important role, it comes with a lot of stress which is why you must be able to deal and work well under pressure.

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Sous Chef & Chef de Rang
Chef ResultsWindermere, Cumbria
Full-time10k-40k p/a
Chef de Partie
Chef ResultsWoodstock, Oxfordshire
Full-time18k-19k p/a
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