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Head of Marketing and Engagement
2 days ago
Occasional remote work
Limited Experience
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Job profile – Head of Marketing

A Head of Marketing is responsible for leading the Marketing and Communications department, meaning they advise on all aspects of brand and marketing strategy, marketing campaigns, and make sure that all activity is in line with the company’s overall strategy and policy. Head of Marketing is a role which requires awareness and pursuit of a strong public image for a company and their products. Head of Marketing positions are needed in almost all industries as the skills are covetable and transferable so the role is valuable and vital to most companies and businesses. Normally Heads of Marketing have worked their way up within the marketing sector, and have experience as Marketing Analysts or Brand Managers to help them succeed in a directory role. They have proven themselves as leaders of a team and can leverage their experience to promote a positive and successful image during campaigns and day-to-day operations.

Requirements for being a successful Head of Marketing

To succeed in this role, you will need strong leadership and communication skills, as well as the ability to think on your feet and present your findings and strategy to board members. Good problem solving skills and an eye for creative details will be needed, as quick decision making and awareness of a good public image is critical in this role. Prioritising tasks and having good organisational skills to keep on top of multiple tasks are also vital skills needed in the role, as is the ability to adapt to market trends and media knowledge quickly and professionally. People employed in this position need to be ready to adapt at a moment's notice and should be strong multitaskers to juggle multiple projects at once. Given the large amount of responsibility, this role also requires people who thrive and produce results under pressure and under often difficult conditions. Heads of Marketing should have a strong business background and the ability to manage an overall marketing budget.

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Head of Marketing and Digital Media
Michael Page (UK)
Limited Experience
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Head Of Marketing
OTTY Sleep Ltd
3 days ago
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