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Job profile – Marketing Coordinator

A Marketing Coordinator would be responsible for helping with the implementation of marketing campaigns by developing creative strategies which could involve online presence, social media management or event marketing, as well as traditional direct marketing strategies. Usually, Market Coordinators are also involved from the very start of a campaign to its end, which means their role could involve providing content in the initial stages to deciding on advertising placement later on.

Skills - Marketing Coordinator

  • Writing
  • Reading Comprehension

Tasks - Marketing Coordinator

  • Thinking Creatively
  • Analyzing Data or Information
  • Processing Information
  • Provide Consultation and Advice to Others
  • Communicating with Persons Outside Organization

Requirements for being a successful Marketing Coordinator

As it is a creative role, Marketing Coordinators need to demonstrate a degree of initiative to be able to identify gaps in the market as potential opportunities for growth and to follow market trends to always know what the consumer will want next. You need to possess good analytical skills and a strong understanding of marketing campaigns and their suitability, as well as being able to listen and work in a marketing team to implement strategies together. Marketing Coordinators can be under a lot of pressure with tight deadlines and large targets so they need to cope well under stress and competition. It is normally expected a Marketing Coordinator will be able to perform at a top level, work to meet tight deadlines and work in a competitive and busy environment which is constantly changing. Moreover, with several years of experience in Marketing already under their belt, coordinators have demonstrated their ability to excel and are therefore ready to perform in a managerial role.

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Technical Coordinator
CV-LibraryLondon, City of London
2 days ago agoFull-time45k-55k p/a
IAG Adviser and Coordinator
CV-LibraryLondon, City of London
11 days ago agoFull-time10k p/a
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