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Senior Sales Manager - Financial Software
Mason & Wake Global Sales SearchPort Clarence, England
5 days ago
Extensive Experience
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A Sales Representative, also frequently titled Sales Executive, is responsible for selling items and services to customers and clients based on what you believe they want and need. Sales Representatives are responsible for generating new leads to drive profit into the company and make links with potential partners to generate revenue. Sales Representatives must be excellent at customer-relations and so there is a need for great communication skills and an approachable manner. Sales Representatives are always needed in every type of industry hence why the roles are varied depending on the company, but the skills needed are largely transferrable.

Requirements for being a successful Sales Representative

To be able to be considered for such a role, you must be highly organised, motivated and able to perform in what can be a busy environment to drive product sales. This role will require a flexible manner of working to prioritise sales opportunities and ad hoc projects, a proactive personality to always be on the lookout for new ways to increase product sales and tech skills are often well considered, as we are seeing an influx in online sales and digital presence. You must have excellent customer service skills, and be a good communicator so as to determine what customers are looking for and help fill those needs with services or products. You will excel as a Sales Representative if you have high ambition, determination and enjoy working independently as well as in a team environment to help reach company sales goals. Given the often intense nature of the position, Sales Representatives must also have a great deal of ambition, drive and determination to succeed and thrive.

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Work for AVON - Sales Representatives wanted
AvonWickford, Eastern
Limited Experience
Work for AVON - Sales Representatives wanted
AvonBushey, Eastern
Limited Experience
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