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Wanted: English speaking jobs on offer in Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam

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Brexit looks to have a big effect on the job markets of European capitals, as well as Britain

With the Brexit date looming, lots of Brits are looking further afield when it comes to their next job. European capitals have tried to stand as an alternative to London and encourage British talent to relocate. We have analysed the English speaking job markets in Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam. There has been a huge increase in vacancies suited for British expats since the Brexit vote on 23rd June 2016. This suggests that the increase in English speaking jobs has been a response to the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. We can conclude that these cities seem to be targeting young university-qualified people, with intern vacancies the most in-demand in all three locations.

Huge increase in English speaking jobs in European capitals

Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam have all seen a huge increase in English speaking jobs since the Brexit vote. The German capital has seen a 3% average monthly increase in English speaking jobs. Even more than the 2% average increase in the city’s whole job market. Around 10,055 positions have been advertised in Berlin since 23rd June 2016. The greatest increase in English speaking vacancies was seen in Paris where 6,510 positions have been posted since the Brexit referendum. These have increased by 4% on average monthly. This was a huge four times more than the 1% average monthly increase seen in the job market in Paris as a whole. When it comes to Amsterdam, around 12,924 English speaking vacancies have been posted. Vacancies have increased by 3% on average monthly, compared to a 1% average monthly increase in Amsterdam’s whole job market.

English speaking jobs are harder to fill

While English speaking vacancies have increased, positions are hard to fill. This could perhaps suggest that the supply may be outweighing the demand. In Berlin, English speaking vacancies took 48 days on average to fill, 13 days longer than the city’s average. Similarly, in Amsterdam, these vacancies were active online for 52 days, six days longer than the average. In Paris the gap was less substantial but still notable. While English speaking vacancies took 43 days to fill in the French capital, positions in the city’s whole job market took 41 days. This makes moving to one of these cities an attractive prospect. There is a huge demand for English speaking professionals and the abundance of vacancies means less competition for the roles.

Berlin has lots of tech focused English speaking jobs
Berlin is a great option for tech jobs

For Tech head to Berlin, for Sales go to Paris

Listen up graduates; you’re the most in-demand! In all three cities, interns were the most requested position when it came to English speaking vacancies. This suggests that companies in Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam are targeting young British professionals tempted to move. So, if you’ve recently graduated and fancy moving abroad, Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam are all great options to explore. Interestingly, after interns, the differences in the three cities becomes more apparent. In Berlin, interns are followed by web developers and software programmers, emphasising the strong tech scene in the German capital. Whereas, in Paris the emphasis is on sales. Commercial development managers are the second most requested position and sales managers round off the top three. This pattern is less true for Amsterdam. In the Dutch capital customer service agents rank in second place and account managers come in third.

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For Sales focused English speaking jobs, go to Paris
Want a job in Sales? Head to Paris

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Most jobs for Graduates

Make sure you have the right qualifications before applying for English speaking roles in Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam. Companies in these cities were focused almost exclusively on hiring highly educated expats. 94% of the English speaking jobs posted in Berlin since Brexit asked for candidates to hold a university degree. This was almost identical in Paris, where nine in every ten vacancies requested university educated candidates. Even in Amsterdam, 88% of English speaking vacancies were aimed at candidates who held a university degree (or equivalent). Also, the requests for highly educated professionals has increased substantially. In Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam there has been a 3%, 6% and 4% monthly increase (respectively) in the number of vacancies asking for a university degree.

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English speaking jobs in Amsterdam are a great option for expats.
Amsterdam has great options for English speakers

So there you have it; if you’re a university educated professional – especially looking for an intern role –  and you fancy swapping the Big Smoke for a European alternative, try applying in Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam!

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