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Putting your degree to use: 5 jobs for Politics graduates

Congratulations, you have graduated with Politics degree and now it’s time for the next step of finding a job that suits you. Well, by studying every aspect of human life, from the mundane to the philosophical, having an insight into history, from Confucius to Karl Marx, and analysing the mechanisms of government, you’re already ahead of the competition. With so much knowledge in different fields, you can get a job anywhere, just make sure your CV is looking its best. So, we present to you five unique jobs that you may not have considered before…

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Joblift has collected for you the variety of jobs ranging through different fields and industries. Just pick your favourite and find the ‘perfect’ one, it is as simple as that.


While you would have considered government jobs, you might have missed these ones. If you dreamt of working on making the society better than this is a role for you. Provide analysis and research for the ministers and influence their decisions regarding developing, evaluating and implementing the already existing policies. With such a degree, you can also work as a Political Assistant, in public affairs and the Civil Service. Job titles and locations of working in such a field vary all the time, doing behind-the-scenes tasks is just as important and it is these tasks which structure the whole of Parliament.

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Marketing manager

You don’t necessarily need a Marketing degree to get into advertising and promotions. Developing and designing all internal and external communications, managing and ensuring consistent branding, and writing content for organisations are just some of the duties of a Marketing Manager. However, if you don’t have any previous job experience, check out our how you can break into marketing industry blog post.

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Public Relations (PR)

Creativity, message communication and media are the main aspects of PR, (Public Relations). Such a career makes a social difference, and PR Managers are responsible for influencing the opinions and behaviour of others towards a company. Join a company as a PR Assistant and find out if that’s a role for you. Work in a creative environment and develop your career, or start off as a Secretary to get a full overview of the company.

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If during your Politics degree, you’ve discovered that you like to research and write stories, you can succeed as a Journalist on a local or national newspaper. There are a number of positions within the journalism sector. Starting off as a Junior Reporter usually involves writing stories allocated to you, which are then passed on to the News Editor before making their way to Sub-Editors. Writing about one field or location, or covering topics in a more personal style usually falls to a Correspondent. When working in this sector, the average starting salary of a journalist is around £20,000. But that depends on where you’re working, locally or nationally.

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Human Resource (HR)

Having studied Politics, you have developed interpersonal skills which will help you to pursue a career in Human Resources. The role of an Office Manager is a great option to pursue, and it will help the business to keep everyone satisfied to achieve the company’s business aims. There are a range of activities you could be involved in, ranging from recruitment processes to paying salaries.

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Having a Politics degree will take you places, you just have to choose the right path for you. Try to promote your skills and work experience as well as the title of your degree. The right job awaits you, and Joblift is here to help!