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Marketing: How to break into the competitive industry

The UK is home to the world’s fourth largest advertising market and is number one in Europe, which makes it a great place to pursue a career in marketing and advertising! 

Marketing in London

Online and offline marketing are essential parts of any company which is why many employers are on a constant hunt for new employees.  Three major sectors of this industry are; advertising, PR and event management. With this in mind, you need to be a creative, strong-minded person with excellent communication skills. Hard work always pays off!

The marketing world is extremely competitive, so you need to be always prepared. With social media being at its peak, it is important to keep it professional. Having your own network of contacts is also crucial – the more relevant people know about you, the higher your chance of employment. Marketing can also be a generously paid industry and the more experience you gain the more you will earn.

The beginning

Normally, you are required to start your career in marketing with an internship or as a trainee. The salary isn’t high (usually the national minimum wage) however, there is very often the opportunity to secure a permanent job on completion.

Telemarketing is also an avenue to consider! Put your communication skills to use and phone up potential clients to collect customer insight and feedback to improve the company or product you are working for. Alternatively, a creative option could be to develop into a Marketing Coordinator role. Here, the emphasis is on creating campaigns and providing content, and potentially securing a successful advertising placement later.  

Head of Marketing creating a marketing strategy

Specialisation by sector is a normal career progression in marketing, especially in Market Analysis. As a Marketing Analyst, you could work for large consulting firms, media and tech companies across the country. In London, you could have the opportunity to work for a big company like PayPal. However, if London isn’t for you, there are plenty of marketing opportunities to explore in Manchester or Leeds.

Highest paying jobs in Marketing 

You will need to have a lot of experience in marketing and business behind you in similarly competitive, fast-paced environment to land a top position. Exciting responsibilities and high salaries make the hard work pay off! For example, becoming Head of Communications could see you earning around £60,000 per annum, if not more. Once you’ve collected a wealth of experience and have shown leadership skills, a Head of Marketing position is also a great position! Such a role pays well, especially in London where the average pay is £2,000 higher than the national average.

Advertisement and Marketing in Canary Wharf

Advertising plays a vital role in business growth but due to Brexit, it is said that businesses will be damaged. It is in the hands of marketing teams to then rebuild the trust of consumers and to bring the company to life. This is a very exciting time to pursue a career in marketing. Good luck!

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