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No degree, no problem: 5 careers that don’t require a university qualification

You’ve finished with school, received your exam results and now you’re faced with the choice of continuing with education – a.k.a. going to a university – or taking a new path and stepping into the world of work. Going to university is an incredibly popular option, but rising tuition costs, alongside the countless opportunities that come with the internet, mean that not having a degree is no longer a problem.

sillhoutte of a man thinking of not having a degree is not a problem

Of course, some professions do require university educated candidates, however, a lot of jobs focus much more on experience. There is a definite stereotype that not having a degree results in landing a low paid job, but we are here to reassure you that in modern society this is not the case. Have a look for yourself!

Pilot £30,000+

Degree not needed to be a pilot

Ever dreamt of flying and exploring the world? You can by becoming a pilot! To begin your training all you need is a minimum of 5 GCSEs and two A-levels. No university degree is needed to take to the sky and start earning money as a jet-setter. It’s a dream come true!

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Truck driver £32,000+

No degree to be a truck driver

Engine lover? Fancy having a job that allows you to take to the open road and travel all around the country? If you have a driving license allowing you to drive a truck and a certificate showing that you’ve finished secondary school, you’ve got the job!

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Sales Manager £35,000+

Sales manager doesnt require a degree

If your passions include talking, motivating and persuading people, then a job in Sales could be perfect for you. You’ll be able to expand your communication skills and meet new people and there are often loads of great perks, too! Start your career in business now.

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Software Engineer £38,000+

No degree needed to do sales

Obsessed with the development of software, like to know all the insights into how programmes are made and want to be involved in creating one yourself? A software engineering job is the one for you. While a lot of postings do request candidates who hold a degree, sometimes showing the right amount of experience, passion, and perseverance can help you break into the industry.

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Ethical Hacker £50,000+

Become a hacker with no degree

No need to break the law at home, put your coding skills to use at a company. In this day and age, every computer system needs to be protected! Like software engineers, some ethical hackers do hold a degree, however, many learn through experience.

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If the university path isn’t for you, don’t stress! As you can see there are a lot of surprising jobs that you can succeed in without a degree. Don’t just sit around waiting for the perfect opportunity, gain experience, find your passion, and join communities of like-minded people!