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Unlimited Holiday Policy; Bag yourself a job with no annual leave limit

Fancy the idea of taking as many days off from work as you like? Perhaps you could start that course you keep putting off, or visit the exotic places on your bucket list. More and more companies in the United Kingdom are adopting an unlimited holiday policy to attract candidates. The trend started in the USA with companies like Netflix advertising an unlimited number of vacation days, and it has finally crossed the Atlantic and hit the shores of Blighty.

Relax on a beach with your unlimited holiday entitlement

Some people think having unlimited holiday is negative for staff

However, this flexible approach to annual leave has experienced some criticism. Even if employees have the option of unlimited vacation, many people have suggested that they may not take it voluntarily. Staff may, therefore, actually end up worse off with less paid vacation due to the pressure of taking time off work and fear of being judged in the workplace. In light of this, some companies offering unlimited holiday are still enforcing a minimum number of days their staff must take to combat this issue.

Would the pressure of work mean you wouldn't take extra annual leave?

Job vacancies offering unlimited holiday are increasing

We have taken a look at the unlimited holiday trend in the 19 million job vacancies published in the last 24 months in the UK and found that 5,359 job postings offered this perk. Although this seems like a small number, fear not! Vacancies offering an unlimited holiday policy have increased by an average of 5% each month. This is more than double the rate of the UK’s job market as a whole, which is encouraging for those of you who are looking to book a long haul flight to a far-off destination while holding down a full-time job.

Unlimited holiday allowance means you can take that vacation you've been postponing.

People searching for unlimited holiday jobs has increased by a fourth every month

You’ll have to beat off competition, though. While vacancies have increased by 5% monthly, the number of people in the UK searching Google for jobs offering unlimited holiday has increased by 26% on average monthly. That’s more than five times the increase in vacancies! At the moment, the increase in demand for vacancies is outweighing the increase in supply, suggesting more employees should perhaps adopt this policy.

The UK is the place to be when it comes to unlimited annual leave allowance.

The UK is the European unlimited holiday champion

If the perk of an unlimited holiday policy is at the top of your list when it comes to looking for a new job, you should focus on the UK. Compared to Germany, France and the Netherlands, the UK is far more advanced when it comes to the number of jobs offering unlimited holiday. The Netherlands offered 360 vacancies with this perk in the last two years, while Germany offered 341, and France just 188.

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