Job market in Brighton

The location, cultural diversity and job market in Brighton is a massive attraction for people to relocate to and work in the city. The laid back atmosphere allows you to enjoy your job and gives you a good quality of life. Brighton’s economy is dominated by the three industries: Education, retail and tourism. Because of the quirky culture of the city and exciting market opportunities, many startups relocate to the city, therefore expanding the labour market and the diversity of the firms. London being an hour away, also means that you can land a job in the capital if you are ready for the daily commute. The finance sector of Brighton is rapidly increasing so job hunting for a role as a banker, accountant and tax executive should not take too much time. Due to the welath of tourism, you can also potentially work at the service industry, which always greatly enhances a CV.


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Brighton - Salary

The average salary of Brighton is the expected national average, £25,408, which makes the city a good spot to work. With such diversity of industries, you can expect to earn from the national minimum to much higher depending on the position you take. Brighton is a city that is constantly evolving, which also allows people to develop and learn new skills to help them succeed and progress in their careers.

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Job postings in Brighton

In the last year the total number of jobs posted for Brighton was 1,298,206, with an average 26% monthly growth from January to December 2018. The city is a lively and vibrant city with booming industries just a stone throw from London. The city is welcoming to everyone and offers a great quality of life.

Number of jobs posted in Brighton

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