Newbury's job market

A market town in the heart of West Berkshire, Newbury is renowned for being small but lively. There's something for everyone with a range of night life, cafe, resturants, tourist attractions and stunning scenery. Most famous for its Highclere Castle (the home of Downton Abbey), a racecourse and some of the country's best Arts venues (The Corn Exchance and The Watermill Theatre), Newbury always has vistors, a performance or an event. The town is only an hour away from big cities like London, Oxford and Bristol, so you can enjoy the both big and small city life. Being such a big tourist hub, jobs in the service industry are in high demand - also working as chef, server and in the hospitality industry could always been a good avenue to take.

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Newbury - Salary

The average annual salary that you can expect to earn working in Newbury is £29,427, which is similar to the UK national average. The cost of living is significantly less than in London, but it is still possible to get the benefits from living near a big city that is easy to access.

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Job postings in Newbury

In the last year (January to December 2018), the number of jobs per month has risen by an average of 24%, totaling the number of jobs posted at 342,647. This highlights that the industries in Newbury are going strong, and that there are a large number of opportunites avaliable if you are thinking of relocating to a quieter, historical and tourist-centric town.

Number of jobs posted in Newbury

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