Bristol's job market

Bristol has always attracted job seekers, particulary in the past due to its strong links with the ocean and trading. Nowadays you will be able to find a job that fits all your needs. As one of the most populated cities in the UK, it will bring a lot of diversity to your workplace. The location of the city not only allows you to enter the trading industry, but also the agricultural industry, the backbone of Somerset. Being in the heart of farmers country, and fresh vegetables aplenty, restaurants and hotels are constantly searching for new talent. Also, there is a large tourism industry in Bristol, as it is one of the most popular holiday destination in the UK. There is an eclectic mix of industries, and they are always looking to recruit new people.

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Bristol - Salary

Finding a job in Bristol will put you at a financial advantage with the high average salary of £28,130, which is higher than national average. Due to the low living costs of the city, Bristol attracts many people from all over the world. The city is constantly improving and expanding its industries, so it is easy to climb the career ladder and develop your skills in the sector of your dream.

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Job postings in Bristol

In the last year Bristol underwent an average monthly growth of 22% for job postings, totalling up at 4,061,813 in December 2018. It is evident that Bristol is a city of extreme change and is a place that is always encouraging and welcoming new talent. A great quality of life, a short commute to the UK capital in the midst of beautiful countryside, Bristol is a city for everyone.

Number of jobs posted in Bristol

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