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A city famed for its stunning cathedral and large university community, Worcester has a mixture of exquisite architecture, prominent sports teams, an eclectic event selection and quirky boutiques. An extremely historical town, Worcester attracts a large tourist population, so jobs in the tourism sector and hospitality industry are always in high demand. The town also boasts of a large retail and manufacturing industry, and claimed to be the home to the oldest newspaper in the world that is still in publication. There is also a large Bosch plant in the area, so engineers, mechanics, designers and technology specialists are in high demand. In the two square there are also three large shopping centres, so if retail is your field then you'll be sure to find a position to you suiting.

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Worcester - Salary

Living and working in Worcester, you can expect to earn an average annual salary of £23,185. This is slightly below the average national wage, however there is a relatively low cost of living in the area. Also many of the industries that are most prominent in the city are on the lower end of the salary bracket. It is highly dependent on your field, if you work as a engineer in some of the big manufacturing companies, you can expect to earn much more.

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Job postings in Worcester

In the last year in Worcester there were 435,986 jobs posted with an average monthly increase of 24%. It is evident that the job market in Worcester is thriving, most likely due to the increase of tourism in the city, the student population is growing thanks to the high quality of life that can be found there. Also, the booming industry for companies like Bosch, continue to try and attract new employees. So if you want to live in a city which is rife with history, architectural beauty and has a thriving and evolving culture, then Worcester is the place to be.

Number of jobs posted in Worcester

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