The second largest city in Britain

As an industrial city, Birmingham's focus on trade makes it a rich and diverse place to explore a new career. Birmingham prides itself on its cultural diversity making the city an exciting home for young professionals, eager to enjoy top nightlife, cuisine and music. When looking for your new job in Birmingham, you may not need to look far, as Birmingham is home to thousands of businesses from numerous sectors such as finances and engineering. While manufacturing once lay at the heart of Birmingham's industry, the economy of the city has diversified into service industries, retail, and tourism in recent years. The city also serves as the West Midlands' hotspot when it comes to Financial positions, such as Actuaries, and Payroll Accountants.


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Birmingham - Salary

The average salary in Birmingham is the expected national average, £26,053, making the city an attractive place to relocate for work. Birmingham supplies over 100,000 manufacturing and engineering jobs which boosts the national economy. It is important to know that the average living cost in Birmingham is much lower than in the South of the country, making it a good place to earn money and to save up for the future.

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Birmingham job postings on the rise

With an average monthly growth of 22% in job postings throughout 2018 a total of 4,528,212, Birmingham is a city rife with job opportunities. If you like the hustle and bustle of city life but do not want the expense of London, Birmingham is a great city to consider.

Number of jobs posted in Birmingham

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