Job market in Chester

Chester is one of the UK’s most popular destinations with an attractive and booming tourism industry. The city boasts of having the oldest racecourse in Britain, a 1000-year-old cathedral, the largest Roman Amphitheatre in the UK and the most complete Roman city walls. Another attractive feature is the 700-year-old Row galleries, where tourists and locals alike can enjoy shopping. Because of this, the city has an encompassing service industry that is always looking for new employees, so if retail, tourism and public administration are your thing, then Chester is the place to be. There is also a relatively large financial sector in Chester with banks, such as Bank of America, HBOS, Virgin Money and M&S Bank, so financial jobs are always a big employment opportunity in the city.


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Chester - Salary

Living and working in Chester you can expect to earn an average annual salary of £25,209. This salary average, of course, depends on the industry that you go into, financial jobs would be set to earn higher than a job in public administration. In Chester there is also a relatively low cost of living, and many of the attractions in the area will cost you nothing.

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Job postings in Chester

Chester is undergoing a massive rise in terms of the number of job vacancies posted, with a total of 724,659. From January 2018 to December 2018 there was also an average monthly growth of job postings by 20%. With this increase in job postings, it is evident that Chester's service industries and finance industry are doing extremely well, and would be a great place to find a new job.

Number of jobs posted in Chester

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