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Leeds is a bustling city which prides itself on great bars and music venues, particularly underneath the converted railway arches, making the city a very attractive prospect for young professionals. It is home to several universities and research institutions, and is one of the largest legal centres outside London. As the UK's third largest city, Leeds has a thriving economy and is a country leader in the financial sector, manufacturing and healthcare. Finance is Leeds' strongest sector, so it would be a great place to pursue a financial job such as an Actuary. Office jobs are also well received in the city making it an ideal place for Headhunters. Other strong sectors in which you could land your new job in Leeds are healthcare, digital and tech, and retail.

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Leeds - Salary

An average salary of £26,069 makes Leeds a great place for young professionals to start their career. Cost of living in Leeds is lower than the national average, which again is a plus for those who are seeking a job in the city and are also looking to save. As the finance industry is one of the strongest sectors, you could potentially earn big money depending on which company you enter.

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Leeds job postings on the rise

Leeds has a strong growth with a 21% average monthly rise in job postings in from January to December 2018. In December it had a total of 3,720,454 jobs advertised, making it a major city with lots of potential career opportunities. If you want a place that offers a lots and is relatively inexpensive to live, Leeds is for you.

Number of jobs posted in Leeds

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