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On the coast of the North Sea, the holiday resort town of Scarborough is a historical town protected by limestone cliffs and rocky headlands. The town is the largest holiday resort town on the Yorkshire coastline, and is a prominent tourist industry, which plays a major part in the local economy. It is the perfect place to reside if you are looking to excell your career in tourism and hospitality. Scarborough also has a thriving fishing industry and service industry, which were the founding industries that built the town. More recently there has also been a rapidly growing digital and creative economy, which have played a vital part in revitalising the town. The town now has one of Europe's fastest WIFI connections, and there are a range of business and networking events, which are attracting professionals from the larger cities. So if you are looking to get into the corporate world tech roles, finance roles and office roles, then Sacrborough should be a serious contender. Lastly, there has been a blossoming media industry within the town, and is home to a local radio station. It is great place to build and gain experience if you are looking to progress in that industry.


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Scarborough - Salary

With an average annual salary of £20,475, Scarborough is a town that is slightly below the national salary average. Despite this, it has a low cost of living so the salary ranges balance out. Also the economy is growing, so salaries are most likely going to rise on the whole, particularly with inflx of digitial and creative roles coming to the city.

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Number of job postings in Scarborough

Scarborough in the las year has risen by 35% on average a month in job postings. For 2018 there was 112,813 job posted in total. This massive monthly growth shows that the job industries in Scarborough are on the rise and becoming more prominent. With the revitalisation of the town through the influx of new tech roles, companies are eager to attract and recruit new minds and talent to the town. As a natural beautiful place to live, a creative environment and a bustling and evolving job market, Scarborough would be the perfect place to relocate where young or older for your professional life.

Number of jobs posted in Scarborough

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