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Halifax is the largest town of the Calderdale with gorgeous Victorian buildings and the birth place of toffee and chocolate. Halifax is known across the world for its confectionery production, which makes it appealing for the confectioners and labours to relocate to, to pursue a career at Nestle UK. The town is well connected to all the big cities including Manchester and London with a vibrant music scene attracting young professionals. This busy, industrial town still holds one of the top spots in the UK for producing wool, carpets and beer, making the retail industry one of its most popular. Recruitment is also a great industry to look into when thinking of moving to Halifax, and health, business and trade are industries that are quickly developing.

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Halifax - Salary

When working at Halifax, you can potentially earn £20,767 if not more. With many famous businesses potentially moving to the town, you can secure yourself a well-paid job. As for young professionals, it is a great place to start with a lot of potential career growth. Also business and trade industries are developing rapidly, so starting a business in Halifax can have a high reward.

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Job postings in Halifax

In the last year Halifax has a suprising boom in job postings with a massive 25% monthly average from January to December. Industries in the city are having a huge recruitment push to attract new talent to the area with a total of 213,388 jobs posted. Halifax is a great city for anyone looking for that small city life, either to raise a family, embark on a new adventure or pursue your dream job.

Number of jobs posted in Halifax

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