Birthplace of The Beatles and one of the UK's founding cotton industry hubs

Birthplace of The Beatles and one of the UK's founding cotton industry hubs, Liverpool is a fantastic place to find work in the United Kingdom. The large student population and multiple universities might be one reason why jobs in education sector such as Teaching Assistants and Learning Specialist are one of the most common occupations in Liverpool. A strong long-term employment and a growing workforce helps fuel Liverpool’s place as one of the fastest growing regional economies in England. The tourism industry is a huge employer in the region with millions of tourists visiting Liverpool each year. Recruitment is also a great sector to explore when thinking of relocating to Liverpool, along with health care, education and retail.

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Liverpool - Salary

Liverpool is an excellent city to begin your career, as the average salary of the city is around £24,220. Due to the city's vibrance and constant growth, many employers are on the constant hunt for new professionals. The fast growing health and education industries are constantly attracting the new professionals. Once there, it is hard to leave because of the good pay to living expenses ratio, the charm of the nearby countryside, the beach and the eclectic food options.

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Liverpool job postings on the rise

With an average monthly growth of 22% in job postings and a total of 1,613,322 openings, Liverpool is a fantastic place with lots of opportunities. If your looking for a new start, a career change or even to embark on your first career path, this city is definitely to put on the top of your list.

Number of jobs posted in Liverpool

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