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A town founded by the Saxons and developed by the Tudors, Shrewsbury is a town like no other. It has a rich history with a museum in an old music hall, buildings from the 1500s, medieval streets and is nestled on the River Severn. The town also boasts of housing the magnificent Shrewsbury Abbey founded in 1083, once a powerhouse of Norman and Medieval times; Shrewsbury Castle with its red sandstone castle walls; and of being where Charles Darwin was born and educated. Once famous for its wool trade, Shrewsbury now has a large healthcare, retail and tourist sector, and is a prominent brewery centre. There is a growing student population in the town, so it is an ideal place for career starters but also people looking for a more public-oriented job role in a beautiful and soul-enriching location.

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Shrewsbury - Salary

If you do plan on relocating to Shrewsbury, keep in mind that there is an average annual salary of £21,135. This is lower than the UK national average. However, with jobs primarly being in the public and service sector, this is to be expected as the salaries for these job roles are often lower. With Shrewsbury being a honey pot for tourists though, there is a lot of job stability in these industries. Also the low living costs for Shrewbury means that the salaries balance out with other UK cities.

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Number of job postings in Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury is undergoing a rise in the number of job postings, clear from the 25% average monthly growth in the number of job postings from January to December 2018. The city is a major hub for the tourist and service industry with a total of 274,887 jobs posted in the last year. The city is beautiful all year round, has a stable economy and offers a host of different employment options.

Number of jobs posted in Shrewsbury

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