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Nottinghamshire's largest market town, Mansfield is situated on the edge of idyllic countryside. Surrounded by the legendary tales of Robin Hood, and with easy access to Sherwood Forest, Thieves Wood and Fountaindale, Mansfield is the perfect location if you are looking for the balance of city and country-life. Mansfield is a very family-centred town, with an abundance of leisure centres and schools, so if you are looking for a teaching position or the opportunity to work in leisure facilities, then this is the town for you. The town has always been, and still is today, a vibrant places for traders and market vendors, so there is plenty of shopping opportunity. So if you are looking to step into the business of retail then this might also be the right place for you.


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Mansfield - Salary

When working in Mansfield, the expected average annual salary is £24,031. This is a standard salary for the area, and with the low cost of living you will be sure to make the pennies stretch. As Mansfield is a large trading town, there are lots of opportunities to progress and change careers.

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Number of job postings in Mansfield

With a massive average monthly growth of 26% in job postings and a total of 215,764 openings, Mansfield is a fantastic place to relocate to, espeically with a family. There are plenty of opportunities in the different industries, and Mansfield is sure to offer a comfortable and secure way of life.

Number of jobs posted in Mansfield

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