Burton's job market

Being the UK’s brewery centre, Burton’s focus on retailing and trade makes the town more of a diverse and rich place to explore new, different careers. With the world famous mustard company, Colman’s, moving its production to Burton, new opportunities will arise for the job seekers who are interested in manufacturing and production. The city prides itself in its diverse choice of beers, which attracts thousands of new visitors yearly, also making tourism a rising industry. While beer brewing and manufacturing once lay at the heart of the Burton’s industry, the economy of the town has now been diversified into three primary sectors such as retail, service and tourism. The vast range of jobs found in Burton are reflected in its famously friendly and cosmopolitan population.


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Telecommunication, ICT

No jobs found for Telecommunication, ICT in Burton

Company services

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Gastronomy, Hospitality

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Burton - Salary

If you are planning on relocating to Burton, you should keep in mind the average salary of £16,473. Even though it is below the national average for UK, cost of living in the town is very low, which averages out the cost and the lower income. As the economy of the town keeps on increasing, pursumably so will the average salary, and you can find yourself fitting into different industries to find out the best role for you.

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Number of job postings in Burton

From January to December last year, Burton had a total of 584 job postings, however with industries set to boom the number of job postings is only going to rise. Burton is a wonderful place to live when looking for that smaller city life, not far from major countryside landmarks.

Number of jobs posted in Burton

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