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If you’re looking to escape the city’s hustle and enjoy the beautiful English countryside and its landscapes, Ladbroke ticks all the boxes. The small town in the south of Southam in Warwickshire is a hotspot for the chilled working environment. The city is perfect for those who need to be in a slow paced environment. With a few pubs being open, you can find yourself working in the service industry or the entertainment. With population of nearly 300 people, the city suits all the needs of a creative soul, especially writers as there will be no distractions. Ladbroke’s town hall is on a search for young professionals, so you could potentially have high earnings when entering the entertainment and governmental industry.

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Ladbroke - Salary

When relocating to the English countryside, you can expect to earn an average or £16,381, which is just below the UK national average salary. However, living in a village means a very low cost of living so working in Ladbroke can potentially save you some money for the future. On top of this, the slow paced rhythm of the town will let you develop your skills as you work allowing you to later on progress into higher positions.

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Job postings in Ladbroke

There is not much turnover of new postings in Ladbroke, however when there is a job posted you will be sure to hear about it. The small-town, close-knit community may also open positions to the right people. Ladbroke is becoming more well-known for the idyllic country-life style and more popular with people looking to find a simpler and more relaxed lifestyle.

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