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20 miles north of London, Hertford is a historical market town in the countryside and regarded as one of the most desirable places to live in the UK. From riverside walks, to antique shops and castle events, Hertford is a town that revolves around its thousand year history. The city is booming with students due to one of the biggest universities being located there, which explains why the education industry in the city is one of the most popular. To secure a good long term career, you should enter the teaching industry as that position is in constant demand. The tourism industry is also a huge employer in that region due to thousands of tourists visiting the county on the daily basis. When considering relocating to Herford, you should also check out the retail and service industries.


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Hertford - Salary

When working in Hertford, the expected average annual salary would be around £20,823. This is quite a bit lower than the UK national average, however since most of the job postings and main industries in Hertford are based around the public service sector, that can be expected. With links to major cities, you can always secure a position in one of the largest cities to get a better salary, however you would have to commit to the travel everyday.

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Number of job postings in Hertford

With a massive average monthly growth of 60% in job postings and a total of 293,042 openings, Hertford is a fantastic place with lots of opportunities. If your looking for a new start in a beautiful city, this city is definitely to be put on the top of your list. With the tourist industry growning and the service industry on the rise, Hertford is a welcoming city where you can find a place to settle and kickstart your career.

Number of jobs posted in Hertford

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