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A village in the north of Norfolk, it is famed for being the location of Sandringham House, the favoured holiday home of the Queen's, and her private palace. The population of Sandringham is small, however it is a beautiful part of the country and offers a highly-sort after quality of life. With Sandringham House being the main attraction of the town there is a large amount of tourist activity. With a visitor centre gift shops and restaurants the location is a prime place if you're looking to work as a tour guide, in the hospitality industry, or in the restaurant and service industry with a slower pace of life.

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Sandringham - Salary

For Sandringham, the average annual salary is £18,262, which is lower than the average national salary. This is partly due to the low cost of living in Sandringham, its location, and the majority of roles being in the service industry, which tends to have a lower general salary. For a quiet and fulfilling way of life in the countryside, it all balances out.

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Job postings in Sandringham

Sandringham, in the last year, has undergone a rise in job positings with a total of 692. If you're looking for a quiet and relaxing place to live, surrounded by nature and with a chance to glimpse the royal family, the Sandringham is the place for you.

Number of jobs posted in Sandringham

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