Salisbury's job market

The honey coloured, vibrant town Salisbury is a fantastic place to start your job hunt in the UK. Family oriented town with multiple primary and secondary schools including two grammar schools might be one of the reason why jobs in education industry such as Learning Specialist and Specialty Teachers are one of the most demanding job roles in Salisbury. With the town being named as one of the top must sees in the world, when you enter the tourism sector, the high earnings are expected. With the town’s high quality of life, finding a job shouldn’t be a chore as new opportunities constantly arise. Service industry is also a great sector to explore when planning on working in Salisbury, along with retail due to the high number of pubs and shops.

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Salisbury - Salary

When working in Salisbury, the expected average salary would be around £24,162, which is the for the UK. However, the town is extremely affordable despite the expected high quality of life, so you should consider relocating there. With a constant flow of tourists in Salisbury, why not consider jobs in that industry as it has the highest earning potential. Due to the town’s easy accessibility, you could also consider working in neighbouring towns.

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Job postings in Salisbury

Salisbury is undergoing a massive rise in the number of job postings, evident from the 29% average monthly growth in number of job postings from January to December 2018. The city is a major hub for the tourist and education industry with a total of 403,393 jobs posted in the last year. If you want to be in a family-friendly city that has been named a must-see, then Salisbury is for you.

Number of jobs posted in Salisbury

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