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One of England’s richest and most manufacturing city of the woolen and cloth goods which are exported worldwide till this day. It’s beautiful Victorian architecture and stunning railway station that symbolises the town’s wealth attracts thousands of tourists every year, making a tourism industry one of the most desired places to work. The city’s attractive location, being just 15 minutes from Leeds, will allow you to work at major cities making your job search easier and broader. Huddersfield is one of the biggest towns in the UK, which means that entering the desired industry wouldn’t be a problem. The entertainment sector is also one of the most popular in the town, with many festivals being held during the warm weather.

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Huddersfield - Salary

Working in Huddersfield will have you earning around £20,872 but that highly depends on what you job role is and what industry you enter. Within easy reach of the Peak District and many major cities including Manchester, your average salary can be boosted due to the different salary expectations of the workers. However, if you don’t want to commit to the daily commute of travelling, entertainment, sports and tourism industry are amongst the high paid ones in the town.

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Job postings in Huddersfield

From January to December 2018, Huddersfield underwent a massive growth in job postings, with an average monthly rise of 22%. For 2018 the total number of jobs postings was 396,837, and 2019 is set to follow a similar pattern. As a historically rich city, and a place with strong industrial ties, it is unsuprising that there are a large number of job vacancies.

Number of jobs posted in Huddersfield

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